Many Small Businesses that are Hacked Never Recover

North Star CMM

Small businesses are under cyber and data-breach attacks by nation-states, as well as organized and disorganized criminals, who are stealing intellectual capital, personal and business information, creating havoc in business environments. America’s SBDC and local Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) provide small businesses with simple awareness information and a path forward to a more in-depth assessment protection of critical confidential information.

North Star CMM is based on the Department of Defense’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) with a focus on protecting critical confidential information. We use the CMM (the model), for awareness and direction. 

Charles “Tee” Rowe – President/CEO of Americas Small Business Development Centers

“America’s small businesses benefit from utilizing consistent standard based approaches to enhance their cyber security knowledge. This cannot be overstated. Businesses are safer, our nation more secure, and our economy stronger when efforts are coordinated to inform and train them.”

Charlie TupitzaCharlie Tupitza, Cybersecurity and Data Protection Lead Consultant, America’s SBDC

“There are great business values associated with using the North Star CMM. It provides a common “what” for companies to take advantage of, so best practices and lessons learned can be readily shared across the entire small business community. Product and service organizations, as well as internal resources, will be better able to communicate “how” to align support. Since the Department of Defense pulled publicly available standards together to develop the CMMC, it makes it easy to rationalize using it.”


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