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Cybersecurity and Data Protection, North Star CMM

Note: North Star CMM repurposes the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) developed by the Department of Defense, for broader use of all businesses while maintaining the integrity of the model.

By focusing on the model we more accurately reflect what we are doing.  This is why the last C is dropped off as Certification is a separate business decision from cyber and data protection.  An important decision, but separate.

The CMM is a collection of standards and practices to protect the confidential information of clients and the business. Utilizing it makes it easier for you to communicate your needs to product and service providers as well as share and learn effective practices with others. The CMMC was created by the DoD to support the defense industrial base, including supply chain members. It has great value for all businesses. 

America’s SBDC has adopted the  CMM as the North Star to guide small businesses on the journey of cybersecurity and data breach protection activities.

Basic cyber and data protection revolves around the simple concept of CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity, availability).  Confidential information needs to be protected. The information needs to have IntegrityIf someone breaks in and alters the data it can be a big problem, we can’t count on it. Information needs to be Available for use. Ransomware and other cyber-attacks prevent us from using our information.   See Secure Towns Here

NOTE: Americas SBDC and our SBDC networks are not a certifying or accreditation body, nor do we represent one. North Star CMM utilizes the CMMC for broad guidance. 

For CMMC accreditation information please contact

The CMMC-AB is the sole, authorized entity charged by DoD to license, certify, and manage the CMMC Ecosystem, which includes the training and certification for assessors and instructors at all levels.

For individuals who aspire to become trained and certified professional assessors or assessor instructors within the CMMC Ecosystem—specifically pursuing the Certified CMMC Professional (CCP), Certified CMMC Assessor 1 (CCA-1), and Certified CMMC Assessor 3 (CCA-3) exams.

If you are a federal contractor need to consider the responsibility of  Federal contract information (FCI)—information you or your company got doing work for the Federal government that is not shared publicly)

Additional information about North Star CMM will be available soon.

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