Secure Towns, Culpeper VA- May 18th 9:00 AM

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Secure Towns 


Purpose: Increase awareness of confidential and sensitive (critical) information, make the responsibility to protect it clear, and provide direction to take action.

The Secure Towns initiative provides training for businesses to protect this information using North Star CMM to accomplish this at no cost to the business owner.

North Star CMM represents the (clarifications) information and direction found in the Department of Defense Cybersecurity Maturity Model (CMMC) to protect critical information. The CMMC is the federal government’s new widely accepted standard for protecting information and (It provides) North Star CMM provides the answer to “what” business owners need to do to protect it. It does not prescribe a particular “how” to do it, so there is flexibility for each business type to take advantage of it.

Small businesses need clear direction to help them utilize their own capability and capacity at the natural pace for their business or business season. By using this common direction, internal and third parties can communicate value more clearly, share resources, and share practical methods to reduce costs and friction in communications.

Secure Towns provides all this in a community-based approach designed to help America’s cities and towns stay informationally secure in the new economy. 

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