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A North Star

Charlie Tupitza of America’s SBDC  and Robert Mayer Sv VP of Cybersecurity and Innovation at USTelecom discuss a path forward for small businesses to protect critical information.

Length: 11 min

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North Star CMM.

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Personal Information

Brian Olson, Chair of the California Governors Cybersecurity Task Force Risk Mitigation Committee,  Tee Rowe, CEO of America’s SBDC, and Leslie Fair, Senior Attorney of the Bureau of Consumer Protection at the Federal Trade Commission discuss personally identifiable information and our responsibility to protect it. 

Many states like California and Virginia are passing laws about maintaining the privacy of people online.  Length: 10 min

Critical Information

Alan Alford and Charlie Tupitza Discuss simple ways to identify critical information.

Length: 16 min

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An Update on Supply Chain Security
and Cyber – Post SolarWinds

Aired April 16

Harvey Rishikof, ABA  (Moderator),
Stewart Baker, Steptoe and Johnson
Joyce Corell, Defense National Intelligence
Robert Morgus, Solarium Commission
Douglas Hassebrock, Lockheed
Charlie Tupitza, America’s SBDC

Sponsored by the Standing Committee on Law and National Security and the Cybersecurity Legal Task Force.

Length: 1 hour 20 min

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